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Minus the Bear w/Cursive

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

This might make my generation feel old: Minus the Bear and Cursive, two rock bands that once thrived in suburban-angst-centered youth culture before drifting to its periphery, have collectively existed for 28 years. In that sense, both acts have become elder statesmen to a scene that, like it or not, typically isn’t kind to the aging. Both have navigated these waters quite differently: Seattle’s Minus the Bear has grown more polished and college-radio-friendly with each new release, while Omaha’s Cursive has stayed largely true to its post-hardcore roots, finding innovative ways to explore them as the years roll by. I’ll admit a strong preference for each band’s early output — nostalgia almost always wins, right? — but I’m happy to report that this joint tour is in celebration of two new records (MTB’s Infinity Overhead and Cursive’s I Am Gemini), not simply a trip down memory lane. That said, Cannery might be set ablaze if Cursive doesn’t play “The Martyr.”


Thu, Oct 25 | 8:00 PM
The Mercy Lounge
$20.00 - $22.00
18 and over
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Minus the Bear

Seattle WA  |  Alternative

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