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Oh, Colorado, how we covet your sensible and reasonable approach to marijuana. We’d love to see our own electorate follow your lead and fucking legalize it already. But since the county-and-interstate crowd aren’t about to do anything sane and reasonable — they re-elected Scott DeJarlais for fuck’s sake! — we’ll have to settle for some really dope Colorado music. (See what we did there?) The drums/sax/electro-gizmo-wielding duo has been on the bleeding edge of EDM’s rise for years, creating a live experience that is more than just one dude pressing play on some shit he already recorded in front of some overgrown video game screen. Their sound has far more funk and jazz influence than your typical 21st century electronic experience — it swings, like, for real — and their deep grooves are perfect for that new legal mind-state. Well, it’s still an illegal mind-state here, but that hasn’t stopped us before.


Wed, Nov 21 | 7:30 PM
Marathon Music Works
$20.00 - $23.00
18 and over
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Big Gigantic

CO  |  Electronic

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