Desert Rose Band

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The billing is a little awkward, but the salient point here is that it’s acoustic, not unplugged — the difference being that these aren’t electric guys downsizing, but rather guys who have roots and decades’ worth of playing acoustic music like bluegrass (remember, even twangy picker and gypsy jazzer Jorgenson used to go out with Earl Scruggs from time to time) and, er, real country. Hillman, Pedersen and Bryson in particular qualify as legends, having spent nearly 50 years making music with or in close proximity to each other; their résumés are so filled with accomplishments as to seem nearly implausible, as is that of the younger-by-a-generation Jorgenson. The Desert Rose Band was the arguable commercial high-point of their careers, and the quartet will do plenty of their signature material, but they’re also likely to take some detours into one heck of a deep common catalog too.


Fri, Nov 9 | 8:00 PM
The Franklin Theatre
$39.00 - $55.00
All ages
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Desert Rose Band

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