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Outsider artist David Liebe Hart is not a comedian. He’s known for his appearances on Adult Swim’s bizarro absurdist fest Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and his Hollywood-based public-access show Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson; he often performs with a menagerie of genuinely creepy-looking puppets; and he believes in a race of aliens known as the Korendians, who abducted him as a young man, taking blood and skin samples and imparting him with their salutation, “salame.” But he is decidedly not a comedian. Rather, Hart travels the globe sharing with sincerity his songs, his puppetry and his music — which naturally focuses on “beautiful women, famous actors and his sincere belief in UFOs.” According to his Facebook page, Hart “has formed a punk band with frequent collaborator Adam Papagan” — and really, what’s more punk rock than a puppet-toting alien abductee? As a matter of fact, Hart’s got a minute-long frantic, rubbery, spoken-word sort of punk song about Tim and Eric’s Tim Heidecker titled “Tim Heidecker Lied to Me,” and it features the lyric “They promised me a hooker, Tim Heidecker lied to me / They said she’d be a looker, Tim Heidecker lied to me.” So. Hold onto your butts. Local rock ’n’ roll outfits Mystery Twins and Leather Nightmare appear in support.

—D. Patrick Rodgers

Tue, Oct 23 | 9:00 PM
The End
18 and over
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David Liebe Hart

Los Angeles CA  |  Christian & Gospel, Rock

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