Pinback w/Solos

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The great San Diego indie rock duo Pinback doesn’t release new material very often, but, when they do, it cleanses the palate. I imagine readers can apply this phenomenon to the work of just about any artist, musical or otherwise, who has captivated them for any significant period of time. We look to our favorites not only as a positive exercise (“I can’t wait to feel the way band or filmmaker so-and-so makes me feel again!”) but as anchors in a chaotic sea of hype and armchair criticism that (like it or not) influences the listening and viewing decisions we make, even if unconsciously. So Information Retrieved — Pinback’s sixth LP in 14 years — comes along and almost immediately purges me of the minor guilt I feel for not liking of-the-moment acts like Grimes. Information isn’t revelatory, but it does what’s it’s supposed to do: Charm you to death with its cerebral yet melancholy sweetness, like all Pinback releases that came before. New Hella offshoot Solos open.


Fri, Nov 16 | 8:00 PM
18 and over
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San Diego CA  |  Alternative

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