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In their first incarnation as Nashville’s premier power duo, Forget Cassettes kept their bracing post-rock songs spare and jagged. More fleshed-out instrumentation, accompanied by more sophisticated arrangements, followed on their sophomore album, Salt, released six long-seeming years ago. After a hiatus, a renaming, solo jaunts and side projects, founding singer-guitarist Beth Cameron is back with O Cursa, a lush, brooding suite of songs that recalls everything from Shudder to Think’s nervy intellect to Fever Ray’s icy spells. And while Cameron’s usual deft guitar work mostly takes a backseat to synths and dark electronic pulses, O Cursa marks a welcome return for a band that’s grown into a more varied and ambitious sound. By Lightning! and Poly open.

—Steve Haruch

Sat, Oct 20 | 8:00 PM
18 and over
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Forget Cassettes

Nashville TN  |  Pop, Electronic

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