The Figgs w/QuicheNight

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There may not be any constants in this universe, but if there were, this might be one: When The Figgs release a new record, it’s definitely going to rule. In the 20 years between their debut cassette and their latest album The Day Gravity Stopped, The Figgs have managed to craft some of the most pitch-perfect power pop the world has ever known — which would explain why they’re still relatively obscure. Power pop — especially of the punk-leaning Gen X variety — is the sort of genre that dooms a band to the hinterlands of pop culture. But if this is what it sounds like in the hinterlands, we’re never heading back to civilization — we’d rather be up to our ears in shout-along choruses and raunchy guitar than whatever Genericana the kids are drooling over these days. Local pop moppets Quichenight open.


Thu, Oct 25 | 8:00 PM
The Mercy Lounge
18 and over
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The Figgs

Saratoga Springs NY  |  Rock

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