The Mavericks w/Troubadour Kings, Sara Haze & Brynn Marie

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Nostalgia has fueled a lot of ’90s band reunions and comeback albums over the past few years, but like most trends, it’s taken a little longer to reach country music. Latin-tinged retro country-rockers The Mavericks had a pretty good hunch that a band reunion would stir up interest, mostly because people never tired of asking ex-members when they were getting back together. Big Machine’s Scott Borchetta added the group to his growing stable of acts who’ve been around the block but still have a hit or two left in them. In May, Big Machine’s Valory label released The Mavs’ first new music in a decade, the EP Suited Up and Ready; the full-length album In Time will be out late next month. It’s swanky, sensual, suited to the operatic power of lead singer Raul Malo’s voice, and as always, unlike anything on country radio, which happens to be in the midst of an especially dance-averse decade. If nobody dances at their show, it won’t be because the music doesn’t invite it — it’ll be because the club’s too damn packed to move.


Fri, Jan 18 | 6:00 PM
3rd & Lindsley
All ages
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The Mavericks

Nashville TN  |  Country

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