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Nashville Sunday Night feat. The Whigs & The Weeks

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Welcome to Nashville, Whigs! These Athens, Ga., natives are our city’s newest rock ’n’ roll imports — an interesting move for a band whose mystique has always revolved, at least in part, around their small-town Southern roots and resulting alterna-scrappiness. But it makes sense too, as they expanded their following on tour with Kings of Leon and The Black Keys, and recorded some of their 2010 release In the Dark here. With a new album, Enjoy the Company, out now on New West Records, their sound has transitioned from the grainy, dirty fun of their earlier work into something a little sunnier and Californicated — opening with the eight-minute ’90s-Seattle-style anthem “Staying Alive,” which is filled with horn embellishments and tailor-made for loose live jams. Joined by swampy Serpents & Snakes rockers and fellow new locals The Weeks, it’s a night of longhaired Southern strut.



Sun, Dec 16 | 6:00 PM
3rd & Lindsley
All ages
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The Whigs

Athens GA  |  Alternative

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