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Hey, have you guys recovered from the EDM-overdose at With Your Friends yet? Neither have we — what the fuck did we do that weekend? — but we’re not going to let that stop us from doing more damage when U.K. superstar producer/DJ Rusko rolls into town tonight. Rusko’s latest album Songs is one of our favorite of the year, chock-full of buttery house grooves and deep dub vibes, and it will be nice to get down with folks who have actually heard the new tracks this time. If you’ll recall, the Scene ran a pre-release review of Songs that caused a veritable shitstorm in our comments section. All of which was rescinded once people actually heard the record, but, y’know, trolls gonna troll. Rusko is joined by local favorite Wick-It, who had a helluva year crossing the country with the Warped Tour. Wick-It recently re-emerged from his post-tour stupor — we thought he was eaten by his cats, honestly — to drop some seriously dope new tracks.


Mon, Nov 19 | 8:00 PM
$10.00 - $25.00
18 and over
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Los Angeles CA  |  Electronic

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