Banditos w/Clear Plastic Masks, Promised Land Sound & Oh Dang Lo Mein

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

OK, for the sake of clarity, can we come up with a term for the musicians who don’t technically live here but sorta seem local because they spend so much time here? “Temporary residents” sounds a little bureaucratic, and our camel-case abbreviation of “sorta local”  — SoLo, natch — is a little too reminiscent of Toby Keith’s favorite cups for us to be comfortable. Maybe something like “localish” or “para-provincial.” Whatever we decide to call it, the Brooklyn-based Clear Plastic Masks are totally in that category. You probably caught them at The Zombie Shop when they were hanging out this summer, and now the boys are back again for a three-month stint to record another album at The Bomb Shelter with the definitely local Andrija Tokic — so you understand why we want to claim their righteous prog-punk as our (sorta) own.

—Sean L. Maloney

Sat, Oct 20 | 9:00 PM
The Basement
cover charge at the door
21 and over
[Venue Details]


Birmingham AL  |  Country

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