Tristen w/Companion & Healing Power

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 Over the past few years, Brooklynite Pepi Ginsberg has established herself in the experimental folk scene with a series of albums that can be prominently described with the phrase “whimsical as shit.” Closer to Bjork than magical forest sprite Joanna Newsom, Ginsberg’s greatest asset as a musician is how fearless she is about being weird. Since her self-released debut, she’s gone from a typically poetic coffeehouse singer-songwriter to a full-on folk pop freak-out. But nothing shows her evolution as an artist better than the decision to put her own solo career on hiatus in favor of performing with Companion — a five-piece indie-pop band that leverages her vocal acrobatics with the richness of a full band. Though elements of Ginsberg’s solo career are easy to pick out of Companion’s forthcoming debut, songs like “Out of Control and Wasted on Youth” are irresistibly hooky tunes that are closer to Wild Flag than Regina Spektor. Companion plays their first ever Nashville gig alongside Cincinnati indie rockers Pomegranates and Scene favorite Tristen.


Sat, Oct 27 | 9:00 PM
The Basement
cover charge at the door
21 and over
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Nashville TN  |  Alternative

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