Jonathan Coulton w/John Roderick

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In 2010, prolific singer-songwriter Jonathan Coulton made more than half-a-million dollars by writing and performing acoustic ballads about zombies, the inner turmoil of a Web developer and misunderstood mad scientists in love. And much to the horror of the music industry, he did it without any help from a record label. Coulton’s career thrives on a kind of hyperconnectivity with his fans — the sort of nerds who don’t often hear their voices in pop music — that only the Internet can provide. Coulton’s songs are simple, but they speak to the heart of what it means to be kind of a dweeb not in broad strokes of pop-culture obsessions, but in the social unease and awkwardness of being an outsider. Coulton, who previously played Nashville in other geek-friendly pursuits like opening for They Might Be Giants and a Rifftrax Live screening, goes solo for his gig at 3rd & Lindsley, performing tunes from his newly released Christmas record and more, targeted straight for the hearts of the pocket-protector brigade.

—Lance Conzett

Tue, Dec 4 | 6:00 PM
3rd & Lindsley
All ages
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Jonathan Coulton

Brooklyn NY  |  Pop

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