The Waco Brothers w/Paul Birch & Jasmin Kaset

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Paul Burch ought to be a familiar name in these parts. Nobody in Nashville has more fun with high-quality honky-tonk and pop classicism, and, certainly, nobody can take up Buddy Holly’s canon and run with it like he can. Burch has often been heard playing around town with a band whose moniker starts with “W” — his redoubtable WPA Ballclub — but another one is backing him tonight. His new collaboration with the wild and woolly Jon Langford-led outfit The Waco Brothers, captured on the album Great Chicago Fire (which Bloodshot released in April), is a fusion of disparate musical impulses, and it works really damn well. Together, they make unfailingly hooky yet untamed rock ’n’ roll. And this happens to be the first time since the album came out that the Wacos and Burch have taken their collaborative thing for a spin here on the latter’s home turf.



Sat, Nov 3 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
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The Waco Brothers

Chicago IL  |  Alternative

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