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The music made by Spelling Bee’s Mabel Suen and Joseph Hess sounds like it’s coming from far more than two people. The pair are unassuming enough as hosts of Wrong Division, their late-night radio show on hometown station KDHX in St. Louis, where they spin experimental records and ask for contributions to the public station’s pledge campaign. With instruments in front of them, they scream by like a comet, intent on leaving smoking craters where your ears used to be. Behind the drums, Hess has upper-body drive and chops that bring to mind George Hurley of The Minutemen, and his furious, careening rhythms provide the perfect counterpoint to Suen’s fractal riffs and fragmentary bursts of lyrics. Easy-listening fans may well conclude that some of the tunes only Metal Machine Music-era Lou Reed could love, but new ideas have to come from somewhere — after all, remember when Charlie Parker was insufferable racket? Local opener Gnarwhal is a band of kindred spirits, and will pair nicely.




Sun, Nov 4 | 8:00 PM
The Owl Farm
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Spelling Bee

St. Louis MO  | 

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