The Delta Routine w/Allie Bencar

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Modernizing garage rock is a tricky business. A band that goes for melodicism can fall into the capacious power-pop category, while groups that favor guitar interaction can seem one-dimensional. From Milwaukee, The Delta Routine avoid both extremes on their new full-length, Cigarettes and Caffeine Nightmares, and the result is exemplary rock ’n’ roll with overtones of Mott the Hoople and The Rolling Stones circa “Downtown Suzie.”  Vocalist Nick Amadeus sings about girls in a hurry who look like they’re from St. Joe, Mo., and other weighty matters, while guitarist Victor Buell IV provides licks that reference everything from country music to Keith Richards-style rhythm-guitar moves.  “Don’t Wanna Let You Down” may be Cigarettes’ catchiest track, but I love “Around Your Neck,” which steals its hook from Louis Jordan’s pre-rock song “Caldonia.” This is a band in control, and all the more rocking for it.


Fri, Oct 26 | 9:00 PM
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The Delta Routine

Milwaukee WI  |  Rock

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