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Family crammed squawking into close quarters, hours toiling in the kitchen like a galley slave, the looming pit of Black Friday shopping — Thanksgiving may not be one of the “capital-H” Holidays, but it can still be brutal. The Family Wash is renowned not only for its excellent comfort fare, but also for presenting diverse acts in a relaxed, intimate setting, and the two post-Turkey-Day shows they’ll present with Gypsy Hombres are guaranteed to melt away your tribulations. The Hombres keep alive the string-band tradition cultivated by the Romani Gypsies, first brought to world prominence by Django Reinhardt. Hallmarks include fast tempos, kinetic rhythms and virtuosic soloing, each of which the Hombres have in plentiful supply. Most importantly, they avoid the temptation to simply preserve the style under glass, incorporating new elements and re-interpreting material from Romantic composers like Brahms and Chopin, standards by Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong and beyond. Guitarist Rory Hoffman is also a mind-bender to watch: He thinks about a guitar in an entirely different way than most, playing a right-handed instrument left-handed, laid across his lap like an inverted steel guitar.


Fri, Nov 23 | 7:00 PM
The Family Wash
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All ages
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Gypsy Hombres

Nashville TN  |  Singer-Songwriter

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