Graveyard w/The Shrine

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Maybe it’s some subconscious response to the eminent oppression of national media and the stultifying nature of our soap opera reality, but we’ve been feeling the psychic pull of heavy music quite a bit lately. Maybe it’s because the element of sleaze that made this city endearing is quickly evaporating, only to be replaced by yuppie-fusion dingleberry boutiques and excruciatingly sanitized flatbread asshattery — whatever the reason we’re craving scuzzy malignance. But for the sake of the city and that sweet, sweet tourism lucre, we’ll settle for a great midweek metal show. Pave the porn shops and jack shacks for all we care, as long as top-notch international acts like Sweden’s trad-metal behemoths Graveyard keep coming through town. Graveyard’s blues-fueled, acid-damaged Lights Out was one of 2012’s best albums, and this appearance is portent that 2013 may be more than just jokes about Deacon and tiny hands.


Wed, Jan 30 | 8:00 PM
18 and over
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Gothenburg Sweden  |  Rock

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