The MMMG Tour 2012

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

Hey, remember that time Rick Ross came to Nashville and got robbed by a bunch of groupies at the Hilton? That was hee-larious. Remember that time Rick Ross named his record label after a super-duper-luxury car company and then that super-super-luxury car company went belly up? That was pretty funny too. Not so funny? That Ross’ bloviated Bush-era overconsumption and product placement still passes for rapping — yes he’s got a unique, distinct voice, but fer serious, do you think we could get some better rhymes than “belt buckles, door handles, gold-plated.” Door handles! What in the ever-loving fuck?!? Seriously, we can’t make it through half a verse of this dude before we want to bust out our Emma Goldman books, fill some bottles with gasoline and start throwing them at every expensive car we see. But we like Wale, so we’ll probably leave the Molotov cocktails at home.


Sun, Dec 9 | 7:30 PM
Bridgestone Arena
$37.00 - $84.00
[Venue Details]

Rick Ross

Miami FL  |  Hip-Hop/Rap

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