A Performance of Carole King's Tapestry

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1974: I am 8 years old and carpooling with a neighbor’s mom, who slips an 8-track into her dashboard deck. “I FEEL THE EARTH! MOVE! UNDER MY FEET!” she sings, drumming on the steering wheel, the heat inside fogging the windows. 1976: I am waiting for one of the piano lessons I will soon give up, absently plunking a melody that proves to be “You’ve Got a Friend.” 1983: I am upstairs at a friend’s house, dark and warm, when she cues up her older sister’s LP. By the time the needle reaches the words, “It’s too late, baby, now it’s too late,” our tongues have melted and the seams of her jeans burn to the touch. I buy the cassette years later just for that track, too dumb and lust-nostalgic to see the obvious irony. 2004: Looking for “Sweet Baby James” for my newborn son’s music collection, I stumble across “Smackwater Jack” on iTunes. Wow. Last time I heard that, it was on vinyl. 2012: Vinyl’s back, in a big way. Should I get Tapestry, hoping/fearing that as soon as the needle drops, a lifetime’s tumble of memories, thrills and regrets will shake free? Probably safer to go hear the Long Players play Carole King singing the story of my life — and maybe yours, too.

—Jim Ridley

Sat, Dec 29 | 8:00 PM
The Mercy Lounge
18 and over
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The Long Players

Nashville TN  |  Rock

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