Starzan w/Sonar Fleece, Dub Poets Society & Wild Minds

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

OK, so we know we got way, way out of control on New Year’s Eve, but did we accidentally black out in the Wayback Machine and set the dial for 1993? Because this lineup makes us feel like we’ve been transported back to the days when flannel covered everything and ... oh wait, we’re in East Nashville, everything is still covered in flannel! Still, this is the last time we ever let Bob Ferrari talk us into doing TARDIS shots. But we will go see the former Pink Spider’s new band Drugmother — formerly known as Dungeon Honey — because we haven’t shaken our grunge-era affections for ska-punk and Wedding Present-esque speed-twee. And these Starzan cats must have followed us back through The Time Tunnel because they are definitely pulling pages from the 120 Minutes fuzz-pop playbook.


Thu, Jan 3 | 9:00 PM
The 5 Spot
Tickets Available At The Door
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