SADGIQACEA w/Hivelords, Brother Ares & Poor Faulkner

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

Mark our words, 2013 is the year Nashville’s metal scene rears its shaggy head and bludgeons the rest of the city into submission. Or maybe we’ll just have a lot more albums from locals and shows with quality national acts — it could really go either way. But we’d totally prefer the bludgeoning, because that’s the kind of brootal doods we are. To warm up for The Year of Metal Domination, we’re heading out to catch Philly doom-psych duo Sadgiqacea — our spellcheck’s least favorite band — and their brotherly lovin’ cohorts Hivelords, whose blackened sludge basically says, “Fuck you, spellcheck,” as they destroy Nashville’s diviest divebar. Noise-doom duo Brother Ares — who turned in one of the heaviest local records of the year with Devourer of Worlds — and solo guitarist Poor Faulkner open up.


Sun, Dec 30 | 9:00 PM
Springwater Supper Club
21 and over
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Philadelphia PA  |  Rock

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