David Allan Coe w/Jonny Fritz

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David Allan Coe is an outlaw country icon — the Ohio native has written hits for such artists as Tanya Tucker and Johnny Paycheck, and his solo work is intransigent in ways that can disturb the faint of heart. Coe began as a blues artist, with his 1969 full-length Penitentiary Blues, drawing its energy from such artists as Muddy Waters and Junior Parker.An old-style outlaw, Coe remains an unclassifiable figure.Sharing tonight’s bill is the equally original post-country singer and songwriter Jonny Fritz, who makes music for hip truckers who are just a long haul away from missing one of their artificially inflated alimony payments.Back when he was known as Jonny Corndawg, the singer released Down on the Bikini Line, a full-length that sounds like Bobby Bare Sr. collaborating with Michael Hurley on a set of songs that are both sensitive and unabashedly filthy-minded.


Fri, Jan 11 | 8:00 PM
$20.00 - $25.00
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David Allan Coe

Cincinnati OH  |  Country

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