Bro Safari

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Ladies and gentlemen, please keep all personal effects and body parts within the vehicle: The bros may look friendly, but they might just gnaw your face off. Kidding! The bros will, however, be gnawing on their own faces and doing silly things with their hands — camouflaged as lumps of glowing plastic, so as to annoy and repel predators — when Texas-based DJ/producer Bro Safari hits Seen, Second Avenue’s newest, most legit dance-spot. (Sidenote: We’re really hoping that Seen can up the cool quotient on that side of Broadway. We’re in love with the idea of spending more time downtown, but, uh, tourists and shit.) Bro Safari is primed for a breakout in 2013 — rooted in drum ’n’ bass, steeped in the art of the drop, and caught in that trap that all the kids love — on some serious Marlin Perkins shit.


Fri, Jan 11 | 9:00 PM
SEEN Nashville
$10 - $15
18 and over
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Bro Safari

San Antonio TX  |  Electronic

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