Father Figures w/Dome, DJ Linwood Kirk & The Maloneys

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The venerable fooBar may have received a few renovations recently, but underneath the new paint and expanded beer selection, it’s still a dive bar whose glorious lack of pretense makes it a perfect host for this show. Led by Adam Schatz, founder of NYC jazz advocacy group Search and Restore, Father Figures stand out because they approach audiences like a rock band. The NYU jazz studies graduates bill themselves as “zombie jazz,” an eye-catching descriptor reflecting the punk-like hunger with which they feast on ideas from icons like Eric Dolphy and Ornette Coleman. The adventurous quintet nonetheless stays accessible; it remains to be seen whether the same can be said of DOME, a new group featuring Jamin Orrall from JEFF, Joseph Scala from Denney and the Jets and Promised Land, and DJ/sometime impresario Dave Bermudez. No word yet whether this is a one-off, or the start of a new side project adventure. Rounding out the show are The Maloneys, featuring the Scene’s own champion of hip-hop “Bawston” Sean Maloney and his wife Mandi performing tunes from their new Shaggs-meets-Slits Christmas EP, Celebrate, and Those Darlins’ Linwood Regensberg on DJ duty.



Fri, Dec 14 | 7:00 PM
21 and over
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Father Figures

Brooklyn NY  |  Jazz

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