Ill Patriot w/Sexx, The Tendoor & McKenzie Gregg and the Tangles

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In the wake of drone attacks abroad and gun violence stateside, Ill Patriot makes the perfect soundtrack for our pissed-off times. Interested in freedom and the pursuit of truth, these angry, hardcore moralists reflect the ideals of punk-rock yesteryear — think Black Flag and Minor Threat — with the beefed-up sound of the more recent American Nightmare and Strike Anywhere. Formed by ex-managers of Underoath and As Cities Burn, the Nashville band soars through working-class anthems about civil injustice, war and the consequences of American freedom. Their latest EP, The Moriah Conquering Wind, is named after an Illuminati pseudonym, which is an apt target for the band’s aggressive themes of government conspiracy. Ill Patriot’s performance will likely be charged and cathartic — perfectly in tune with these trying political times.


Thu, Jan 3 | 8:00 PM
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Ill Patriot

Nashville TN  |  Rock

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