Water Liars w/Adam Faucett

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If modern folk music seems more naturally expressionist than the efforts of such ’60s and ’70s exemplars as Tom Rush, Joni Mitchell and Bert Jansch, the reason may have something to do with the harshness of today’s world. So it makes sense that the songs the Missouri singer and guitarist Justin Kinkel-Schuster performs as half of Water Liars seem pained — Kinkel-Schuster sings about the dark underbelly of sexual abandon, not to mention women who steal your wallet and break your heart. On last year’s full-length, Phantom Limb, Kinkel-Schuster and drummer Andrew Bryant made lo-fi folk-rock that didn’t attempt to hide its jagged edges. Tonight’s show features Kinkel-Schuster performing Water Liars tunes solo. Rounding out the bill is the amazing Arkansas singer and songwriter Adam Faucett, whose eerie vocals and elegant, biting guitar licks recall everyone from Cat Power to Skip Spence.


Thu, Jan 17 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
18 and over
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Water Liars

Oxford MS  |  Rock

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