Lilly Hiatt w/Kelsey Waldon & Allen Thompson

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Whatever apprehension a younger Lilly Hiatt once felt about using her family name in a town where being the offspring of known artists is equal parts blessing and curse, she’s gotten over it. Her dad — none other than John Hiatt — is right there in the list of influences on her Facebook page, along with some of his enlightened rootsy peers and a few classic and alternative rock acts, plus she’s performed with him on occasion. By the time the younger Hiatt released her Doug Lancio-produced debut album Let Down last October, she’d reached her late 20s, assembled her band The Dropped Ponies — rounded out by guitarist Beth Finney, bassist Jake Bradley and drummer Jon Radford — and defined her point-of-view. The characters in her story-songs diverge from the predictable; they’re as emotionally spiky as they are unguarded, which makes them compellingly believable. And lest you think she only cares about lyrics, the Ponies add plenty of feral country-rock bite.


Mon, Jan 28 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
$5.00 - $10.00
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Lilly Hiatt

Nashville TN  |  Singer-Songwriter

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