Parquet Courts w/Nots, OGG, Dirty Dreams, ArchAnimals & Gold and the Rush

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Riffs and repetition impel Parquet Courts’ new full-length, Light Up Gold. A typical track finds the New York group contriving a guitar riff that’s repeated until they move onto something else, which is usually another concise, sardonic riff.A native of Denton, Texas, singer and songwriter Andrew Savage masterminded last year’s self-released cassette, American Specialties. In it, Parquet Courts created kinetic tracks that sported abstract folk-rock melodies and chattering funk guitar. On Light Up Gold, the dense arrangements create a cushion for the insidious pop of tunes such as “Donuts Only” and “N Dakota.”Savage’s deadpan tales of the North American wasteland benefit from the sonic upgrade, while his song poetry is enhanced by the group’s kinetic approach — if his lyrics combine nostalgia and vitriol, the music’s forward motion is a matter of time-honored riffs arranged in new ways.


Sat, Jan 5 | 9:00 PM
The Owl Farm
All ages
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Parquet Courts

Brooklyn NY  |  Rock

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