The Front Bottoms, Guntherdoug & 12th Street Social Club

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To get a handle on The Front Bottoms, imagine They Might Be Giants singing from a vantage point where the birdhouse in your soul is vacant and dilapidated. In fact, The Front Bottoms’ debut record is out now on Bar/None, the same indie label that gave TMBG their initial boost. The New Jersey duo of singer/guitarist Brian Sella and drummer Matthew Uychich have introduced an important twist that makes their dance-friendly confessional indie pop stand out from the crowd: It’s almost entirely acoustic. More than a gimmick, their choice to couch their shout-along hooks in a stripped-down production serves as an antidote to the overexposure of this style in contemporary pop, perpetrated in part by the film Garden State’s almost sycophantic praise of The Shins. It’s a move that’s working for Japandroids, and you might just find it works for you too.


Fri, Feb 1 | 8:00 PM
The End
18 and over
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The Front Bottoms

NJ  |  Rock

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