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Brimming with live venues and musicians of every stripe, Austin, Texas, is one of the few cities that may legitimately challenge Nashville’s claim to the title Music City, U.S.A. Their latest export, youthful quartet Act Rights, embodies the pluralism that defines contemporary rock — a dense blast of energy that reveals an affinity for the loose swagger of garage-psych acts like Black Lips and the tight pop grip of The Strokes. Engineer/producer Andrew Scheps, who has worked with top-tier artists ranging from Jay-Z to Johnny Cash, can afford to be selective in expanding his label, Tonequake Records. Act Rights’ stop at The End comes in the middle of an East Coast/Midwest tour of clubs and dive bars in support of their new full-length, Sweat Equity, which will be issued by Tonequake in late January. If their name doesn’t one day appear in fluorescent paint on the hallowed walls of the Elliston Place venue, it won’t be from lack of effort.


Sun, Jan 6 | 9:00 PM
The End
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The Act Rights

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