Brigitte DeMeyer w/Will Kimbrough, Christopher Donohue & Brady Blade

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Will Kimbrough sings and plays guitar a dozen different ways, and ridiculously well. He’s one of those in-the-trenches guys who plays on other people’s records and shows, fronts his own band from time to time and does a healthy amount of solo touring, too. But that last bit doesn’t usually include any stops in Nashville, so his opening set tonight is a rare opportunity. Among the folks he’s worked for is Brigitte DeMeyer, a supple singer and roots-grounded songwriter who also regularly leans on bassist Chris Donohue (who’s been working with Kimbrough in Emmylou’s band) — and when she can get him, legendary drummer Brady Blade, who’s done plenty of playing and producing for her between higher profile (though not necessarily more musically rewarding) gigs. With DeMeyer at the helm for the remainder of the evening, that’s one tightly knit bunch, with a lot of smart songs, compellingly gritty vocals and a boatload of great playing.


Wed, Feb 20 | 9:00 PM
The Station Inn
21 and over
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Brigitte DeMeyer

Nashville TN  |  Country

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