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Pssst! Want to know a secret? LazerSnake is a ruse — a nightmarish, tongue-in-cheek, Ed Hardy-graphic-T-clad, wig-donning parody of everything that’s wrong with Music Row’s version of “rock ’n’ roll.” But don’t tell the randos who happen to show up for the ’Snake’s showcase tonight at 12th & Porter, because there’s a perfectly good chance that some post-grunge-adoring bozo will stumble in off the street and have the time of his distressed-jeans-wearing life. During the first night of The Basement’s two-night Beatles vs. Stones tribute/benefit series last month, LazerSnake — which features members of the totally-not-a-joke pop-rock act AutoVaughn (notice that both bands stylize their names with what’s known as “CamelCase”) — the boys performed drop-D, chug-along renditions of “One” (yes, as in the Harry Nilsson-penned song that neither The Beatles nor the Stones ever recorded) and “Eleanor Rigby,” as well as a couple of originals. We’re talking about originals with names like “Hell Yeah” and “Beggin’ for the Bone.” It’s so bad it could absolutely be real. We’re sure if you ask perpetually in-character frontman “Dusty Forsythe,” however, he’ll tell you he has no idea what the shit we’re talking about, he’s as real as they come.


Tue, Jan 22 | 5:30 PM
12th & Porter
18 and over
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