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Country music has been referencing Fleetwood Mac-style California country-rock-pop for a while — if you keep track of such things, you may have noticed that Little Big Town spices up their Mac-and-cheese with hints of R&B shuffle and Appalachian melodicism, while Lady Antebellum specializes in a sweeter style of gooey pop. Comprising Kenny Loggins — an inventor of the very country-pop-rock hybrid to which modern country groups pay awed tribute — along with Nashville tunesmiths and singers Gary Burr and Georgia Middleman, Blue Sky Riders do the post-Beatles, post-Mac pop-country-rock thing as deftly as anyone working in Nashville.  Their new full-length, Finally Home, sports Dan Fogelberg-meets-Stevie Nicks hooks, hints of yacht rock, and country-flavored power pop. The trio really has their pop down — the hooks keep coming even when the music is subtle and elusive.


Sat, Feb 2 | 5:30 PM
3rd & Lindsley
All ages
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Blue Sky Riders

Nashville TN  |  Country

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