The Weeks w/Sol Cat & Junior Astronomers

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With each tick of the clock separating us further and further from the Swingin’ ’60s, bands continue to crop up whose stable of influences seldom reaches deeper than the past couple of decades.  That can be a bit painful when it comes to musicians whose knowledge of rock ’n’ roll begins and ends with, say, Weezer and Garbage. But then there are bands who channel latter-day influences without sounding like they’re utterly ignorant of their, um, influences’ influences. Does that make sense? Take for example local dudes Sol Cat, who will celebrate the release of their eponymous full-length tonight at The Stone Fox. Sol Cat’s synthesis of indie rock, dance punk and revivalist-style post-punk reveals an affinity for pop-savvy craftsmen like Modest Mouse, Franz Ferdinand, Cold War Kids or even, in their most inventive moments, Radiohead. Tunes like “Fishin’ With John” and “Dirty Glasses” are full of playful, lithe guitar licks over dense synths and bouncy bass lines. It definitely sounds like new music, but — thank God — these guys at least sound like they’ve probably sat down with an ELO or Talking Heads record a time or two. The Weeks and Junior Astronomers also perform.

—D. Patrick Rodgers

Sat, Feb 9 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
18 and over
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The Weeks

Nashville TN  |  Alternative

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