Cancelled-Heavy Medical w/The Most Amazing Century Of Science, Nameless Cults & Gnarwhal

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

The Owl Farm presents another diverse bill of music you’re not likely to find in the club or your corner bar. Noisy Philadelphia punks Heavy Medical play like human cement mixers on the blink — dark, heavy, fast and loud. They’re a perfect pairing with locals Nameless Cults, whose raging, doomy punk features screaming, lots of meter changes, and more screaming. The Most Amazing Century of Science, on the other hand, wears its highbrow sense of humor on its sleeve, turning brief grindcore blasts into sound collages of disjointed cocktail jazz, thrash metal, and … impressions of cartoon voice actors? Yep, they recorded an entire album based on that concept. And besides being a great name for a marine mammal with a unicorn-like horn, Gnarwhal is the perfect moniker for this Nashville duo that plays whistle-worthy garage rock at warp speed.


Tue, Feb 26 | 8:00 PM
The Owl Farm
All ages
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Heavy Medical

Philadelphia PA  | 

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