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Nothing says “summer’s coming” like a Scandinavian band dressed for some kind of ritual! The official story behind Goat, whether it’s true or not, is as good as any fantasy we could have come up with: A tribe of voodoo practitioners cast a curse on the tiny village of Korpilombolo as they fled Christian persecution, and for decades afterward, the members of a naturalist commune there have made music under the curse’s influence. That’s Goat’s story, anyway. The current incarnation of the group released its debut album, World Music, in 2012, and their tour is an evangelistic effort to harvest the souls of concertgoers for their benevolent goat lord. We can offer no guarantees about possible soul transmigration, but the group’s infectious mix of heavy psychedelic rock, krautrock and Afrobeat is sure to harvest a booty-bump or two. The desert-psych landscape of Austin’s Holy Wave is a nice dry red wine to go with Goat’s box of (possibly psilocybin-laced) chocolates.

—Stephen Trageser

Fri, May 3 | 9:00 PM (8:00 Door)
The High Watt
18 and over
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Korpolombolo Sweden  |  Alternative

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