Soul Radics

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Wait a second — is this the same Soul Radics that’s been kicking around town for ages? They went from from being a good band with some good ideas to a band that brings the heavy, heavy monster ska. We learned to skank to the sounds of Millie Small and Desmond Dekker, and we’re always on the lookout for more of that sweet, sweaty Southern soul sound, and the combination of the two just makes our hearts go giddy-up. You could say that the sounds on the band’s latest, Down to the Hall, set the world on fire; it’s our one desire! Seriously though folks, Soul Radics have turned in that most rare of Nashville commodities — a local record of meticulously crafted songs, thrilling arrangements and powerful vocals that you can actually fucking dance to! You know, rather than weeping on your Western shirt.


Sat, Jan 19 | 8:00 PM
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Soul Radics

Nashville TN  |  Alternative

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