Count Bass D w/Bohemian Hype Cult & Treekeeper

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In all of this talk about Nashville’s burgeoning hip-hop scene, everybody seems to be forgetting that a bona fide underground hip-hop legend has called Middle Tennessee his home for years. Count Bass D grew up in New York and Ohio, but his career as a rapper and producer started during his term at MTSU. Since the early ’90s, Count has struggled with record labels, the so-called Nashville curse, and carving his name into the hip-hop annals without compromising his style. And while record labels may not know what to do with his smooth, Dilla-inspired beats and occasional MF Doom collaborations, he remains on the hustle, releasing six (six!) instrumental albums last year, including the fantastically chill The T.S. Joining Count are young upstarts Bohemian Hype Cult, whose video for “Welcome to Bohemia” still haunts my dreams. But, you know, in a good way.

—Lance Conzett

Sat, Feb 23 | 10:00 PM
The Stone Fox
18 and over
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Count Bass D

Atlanta GA  |  Hip-Hop/Rap

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