Nashville's LEAGUES came together as organically as a band can, which is to say none of them was trying to form a band. Thad Cockrell is an acclaimed singer-songwriter, Tyler Burkum is an acclaimed guitarist & songwriter and Jeremy Lutito is an in-demand "drummer for hire". Thad was starting to write songs that didn't fit into the singer-songwriter mode while Tyler & Jeremy hooked up backing Mat Kearney on tour. Mutual friend (and original founding member) Mike Simmons suggested they all get together and LEAGUES was born. They are so committed to this band that Thad Cockrell is no longer a solo artist. LEAGUES debut album drops on January 29th and we'll have them playing in the store the day before & you can get your hands on the album early as well!

Mon, Jan 28 | 6:00 PM
Grimey's New & Preloved Music
All ages
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Nashville TN  |  Pop

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