Shivering Timbers


Shivering Timbers, led by husband and wife Jayson and Sarah Benn (backed by various drummers), hail from Akron, OH. They create a bewitching mood with sultry vocals and nuanced, howling guitar. With a combined musical background encompassing everything from punk rock to gospel, blues to classical, Shivering Timbers have crafted a sound that is at once deeply personal, yet broadly appealing. They can, at times, entrance and haunt the audience, while in the next breath, invite them into a whimsical, foot-stomping play land. "Imagine a mellow P.J. Harvey fronting the Bad Seeds on a shadowy corner of Sesame Street" -- Nashville Scene. Dan Auerbach produced their debut album and now Brian Olive has produced the follow-up "Sing, Sing". 

Wed, Feb 20 | 5:00 PM
Grimey's New & Preloved Music
All ages
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Shivering Timbers

Akron OH  |  Folk, Rock

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