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Not to be mean or nuthin’, but there’s this wack-ass DJ in our newsfeed who’s always trying to get us to go to shady bars in Smyrna in the middle of the week. He’s an older dude — probably in his mid-40s — who clearly hasn’t given up on the rave-dream of the ’90s but isn’t quite with it enough to be, ya know, actually cool. At least once a week he posts about how he loves “real trap music.” We’d like to assume it’s just some hilarious auto-correct error rather than some Freudian nu-metal slip, but we’re thinking we’re gonna have to take the dude to see Flosstradamus just to explain the difference between “trap music” and the third-string Linkin Park wannabes. The Chicago-based duo absolutely, positively has nothing to do with the Dursts of this world, and their latest mixtape Banned 2 is one of the finest examples of this “trap” thing all the kids are into these days.


Mon, Apr 8 | 9:00 PM
The Mercy Lounge
18 and over
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Chicago IL  |  Hip-Hop/Rap

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