VYGR w/ Brother Ares, Alta & Black Table

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

The yearly migration of Northern bands back from Austin is upon us, so consider us the metal Marlin Perkins and join us as we watch this wild kingdom get freaky. Boston’s VYGR makes sprawling epic doom, Milwaukee’s Alta deals in intense, razor-sharp post-core shrapnel, and their Beer City-based tourmates Scowler crank out shards of hardcore noise. It’s exactly what you need to make up for the fact that your St. Patrick’s Day was a disappointment and you skipped SXSW. Throw in Murfreeboro’s absurdly good — and pardon us if this sounds ridiculous — ambient-power-violence/proto-screamo-revival outfit Altar of Complaints, along with local low-end terrorist Brother Ares, and you’ve got yourself one heavy fucking safari.


Tue, Mar 19 | 8:00 PM
The Owl Farm
All ages
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Boston MA  |  Rock

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