Forget Cassettes w/Bows and Arrows, Cortney Tidwell & Coupler

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

Singer Beth Cameron uses a baseball bat to bust up a side table and chifforobe in the video for Forget Cassettes’ “Sometimes You’re the Bad Guy,” but over time the band she’s helmed since the early Aughts has actually mellowed some. Some. Where earlier albums were spiky and aggressive, O Cursa smolders and aches. The intensity is still there — and if anything, it’s deeper and more powerful in these slower-burning songs. Framed by Cameron’s plaintive, quivering wail, O Cursa — first released in three installments and now fully intact — shrouds heavy-lidded rhythms in plangent synths and distant atmospherics. Openers Bows and Arrows ably carry the indie-pop torch, merging VU-inspired melodies and jangly, spacey guitars.

—Steve Haruch

Sat, Mar 2 | 8:00 PM
18 and over
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Forget Cassettes

Nashville TN  |  Pop, Electronic

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