Dash Rip Rock w/Million Sellers

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Rockabilly is surely the most misunderstood of the variants of rock ’n’ roll. That was the case when it first coalesced in the mid-’50s as a mutant crossbreed of hillbilly and R&B, and it’s still true today with well-intentioned hepcats who get lost in a swamp bog of fashion, tattoos and pomade. Fortunately, there are still plenty of bands that can split the dog on the line between inspiration and re-creation. Louisiana’s Dash Rip Rock have been successfully slicing their way between the two for almost 30 years now, keeping the Dixie-fried good times crunchy and spicy. With local favorites The Million Sellers supplying their brand of common-sense hillbilly-bop injected with classic pop book-learnin’, it’s sure to be an avalanche of hot rocks.


Wed, Feb 6 | 8:30 PM
The End
18 and over
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Dash Rip Rock

New Orleans LA  |  Rock

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