Fu Manchu w/Hellbender

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Ladies and gentlemen: The smoking light is lit, so pack your bongs and get ready to rumble. So-Cal stoner legends Fu Manchu have spent more than two decades vaporizing wig-domes from coast to coast, blazing a path across America and leaving only resin and ash where brains used to be. The city of Nashville will be no different. Credit the ephemeral attributes of the devil’s weed, but the Fu is a band that exists outside the normal slipstream of space-time, creating sounds as timeless as skateboard wheels on concrete and as exhilarating as the bubbles in a water pipe. The Fu are joined by local psychonaut-metal crew Hellbender, who have a new record on the way that should take local metal to a new level of brutal.


Wed, Apr 24 | 8:00 PM
Presale ($13.00) & Day of show ($15.00)
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Fu Manchu

San Clemente CA  |  Rock

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