Trixie Whitley Album Release w/Dumpster Hunter

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Anybody else with the smoky vocal timbre of Trixie Whitley would play up her Adele-ish qualities. We’ve all seen how much money there can be in soothing the masses with soul-pop balladry. But the Belgian-born 25-year-old runs from comfortably civilized pop expression. Live, and to a slightly lesser degree on her debut album Four Corners, she exudes the feral intensity of a young P.J. Harvey, moving back and forth between guitar- and keyboard-driven material, all of it original, raw-nerved and turbulently rhythmic. Her backstory is just as singular as her churning, choppy guitar attack, and it helps explain how she formed her sensibilities. Whitley’s a former drummer and dancer, and for a time she was Europe’s youngest resident DJ; an 11-year-old with a penchant for spinning Malian blues. She logged many an hour in the studio with her dad, the late roots guitarist Chris Whitley, and in recent years she’s fronted Black Dub, a band assembled by none other than Daniel Lanois, her dad’s former producer. She’s well on her way to being a viscerally fascinating performer.

—Jewly Hight

Sat, Feb 9 | 9:00 PM
The Basement
Tickets Available at Grimey's
21 and over
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Trixie Whitley

New York NY  |  Rock

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