Doc-cupy Nashville feat. Bryan Sutton, Buddy Greene & friends

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As the name suggests, Doc-cupy Nashville is the first in what promises to be a recurring set of tributes to the late Doc Watson. But as Bryan Sutton, who recorded a memorable rendition of “Whiskey Before Breakfast” with his fellow North Carolinian flatpicker a few years ago, is quick to say, the point here is not simply to play the old songs, but to pay homage to Doc’s spirit and the spirit of his music. That widens the field and the focus in exactly the right way, as does the collaboration with Buddy Greene, who brings a similar versatility and abundance of good cheer to the table. Doc’s music was deeply rooted but never dry, and you could feel at least a touch of genial warmth behind every tune, no matter how mournful. The equally phenomenal Luke Bulla will be joining in this time around, and perhaps another guest or two as well — if not this time, then the next.

—Jon Weisberger

Tue, Feb 12 | 8:00 PM
The Station Inn
21 and over
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Bryan Sutton

Nashville TN  |  Bluegrass

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