Jake Leg Stompers

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Flashing back to an era when urban blues was played on jugs, banjos, washboards and gizzards full of moonshine, the relentlessly entertaining Jake Leg Stompers create the perfect soundtrack for selling snake oil. Their feel-good blend of virtuosity, comedy and clay-caked soul has been jammed into a fourth album called Up To New Good. And this time, carnival barker/multi-instrumentalist Hambone Willie splits fronting the up-to-10-piece group with new addition Leela Mae Smith, whose warm-molasses voice provides a counterpoint to Willie’s noble hound-dog growl. If following in the slow-dragging footsteps of such long-ago Americana and blues bedrock bands as Gus Cannon’s Jug Stompers seems improbable, consider Hambone Willie’s own transformation from Bill Steber, the award-winning ex-Tennessean photographer. Steber became so intoxicated with the sounds and sights of Mississippi’s blues culture while documenting it with his camera on a grant from the Alicia Patterson Foundation that he quit his job to embark on a relentless musical bender that’s made the Jake Legs one of the finest proponents of this very-old-school style.


Sat, Mar 9 | 9:00 PM
The Station Inn
21 and over
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Jake Leg

Murfreesboro TN  |  Singer-Songwriter

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