Unofficial Eric Clapton after party - An Evening with Joe Robinson

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In a city of monster guitar players, 21-year-old Joe Robinson is a dragon slayer. Inspired by über-picker Tommy Emmanuel and the countless YouTube videos of guitar giants he devoured while growing up in the Australian outback, Robinson has mastered all things six-string. And as if his command of chord voicing, melody, extended technique and all the trimmings weren’t enough, he’s also got a compositional sensibility that bridges Chet Atkins country, prog-rock, fusion and contemporary pop, all buoyed by his sweet-butter singing and boyish looks. En route to inevitable stardom, Robinson is living in Nashville and exploring various musical paths. His new album is the four-song Toe Jam, an on-the-fly mash-up that starts with the charging, instrumental jazz-rock jam title track and ends with “Help Me,” a soulful hush of a love song with, of course, subtle guitar genius threaded throughout. Robinson plays an unofficial Eric Clapton concert after-party tonight.


Fri, Mar 22 | 10:30 PM
12th & Porter
18 and over
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Joe Robinson

Temagog New South Wales Australia  |  Rock

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